We are celebrating our birthday. Not a round one, but an even one. Here are eight reasons why it's worth traveling to Eglisau, where ViCAFE originated, this year of all years.

By Marcus Berger

ViCAFE Eglisau
Eglisau am Rhein


The story of ViCAFE began in 2010 in Eglisau, a small town on the Rhine. Christian Forrer had an idea: he bought the trademark rights to Vivi Kola and began to re-bottle the drink according to the traditional recipe. The first bottles were literally snatched out of his hand on the opening night.

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ViCAFE Eglisau


Closely linked to the Kola and to Christian Forrer is the story of coffee and finally, ViCAFE. It began with a micro-roaster in the café in Eglisau, which led to the first Espresso Bar on Zurich’s Goldbrunnenplatz in 2014, and finally to the company that ViCAFE is today. To this day, ViCAFE in Eglisau still makes an excellent espresso, it’s worth a visit the in the old town.

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Vivi Kola 70's Poster


Vivi Kola has been around for 12 years? Wrong: Since its revival, Vivi Kola has been back for around 12 years. The first Kola was bottled in 1938. The first part of the Vivi story ends however in 1986, when Mineralquelle Eglisau was sold to Feldschlösschen – back then Pepsi was bottled in Eglisau for a few years.

Vivi Kola Bar
Vivi Kola Bar on the Rhein


In summer it is most beautiful at the waterside: The Vivi Kola Bar is directly located on the Rhine and is the perfect place to end a summer day. Open daily, except Tuesdays.

Drachenboot Rennen Eglisau
Drachenboot race on the Rhein


In the water, next to the water, or on the water? Fun fact: Dragon boats (traditional Chinese paddle boats) has been at home in Eglisau for a long time. What’s better than a dragon boat? A dragon boat race. The traditional event will take place from 24-26June after having a two-year break. By the way, the Dragon Boat race was there before us and celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Congratulations!

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In the water, on to the water – or next the water? You will find the Rheinbadi in Eglisau on the banks of the Rhine. With its historic wooden box baths, the Rheinbadi is the perfect place to cool off after a got summer day. And it’s pretty neat, too.

Eglisau Hirschen
Atelier Schöne Grüsse


What is a trip without a souvenir? In the old town there is the store and studio of Nina Binkert which is aptly named: schönegrü

Haus Hirschen Eglisau
Hirschen Restaurant Eglisau


The restaurant Hirschen in Eglisau is a first-class gastronomic address. The house is also of great historical importance – and a beautiful visual feast. What does the story of a Deer on a wooden ceiling have to do with a furniture dealer? Come find out and read the story of Glarus here.