We strive to provide our coffee loving customers with the best ethically sourced and locally roasted coffee to go from our renown coffee windows.

Our story

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In 2010, Christian Forrer from Eglisau acquired the rights to Vivi Kola and after decades revived the iconic drink. In a small shop – the ViCAFE – in the old town of Eglisau, thousands of bottles of Vivi Kola flew off the shelves within few hours during the opening event. Former factory workers of the Mineralquelle Eglisau spontaneously sang the Vivi Samba and since then the shop has become somewhat of an institution where people come together and relax in the tranquil little town at the Rhine.
During this time, a micro-roaster was installed in the Café in Eglisau and sent the aroma of freshly roasted coffee through the small town’s alleyways. Soon, the shops in the region began to sell the the locally roasted coffee and when the micro-roasting plant could no longer keep up with the growing demand, a larger roasting machine was installed at the old Eglisau railway station.

In 2014, Christian opened the first ViCAFE Espresso Bar at Goldbrunnenplatz in the city of Zurich together with his partner Kurt and colleagues Benedikt and Silvio

General Manager, Ramon, joined the team and soon more Espresso Bars sprung up in the city. Through our passion and commitment, the ViCAFE Team has succeeded to further shapen Swiss coffee culture.

“We’re hands-on with every step in our value chain and can therefore guarantee the highest level of quality and absolute transparency. Every day we open the window to the coffee world, we invite each and every customer to come and share our passion for truly great coffee. “
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Our roastery

Today, our coffee is freshly roasted every day at the ViCAFE Roastery in Zurich Altstetten. The coffee is then brewed to grab on the go at our Espresso Bars, and is also available from the ViCAFE Online Shop and selected retailers. We individually roast our coffees according to type and only blend them after roasting. The coffees we roast are all sourced from coffee farmers that we have personally met and that share similar values and a passion for coffee.


Kurt Lambert