Orang Utan Project Coffee (Green Coffee)

Orang Utan Project Coffee (Green Coffee)


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The Orangutan Project Coffee is the result of an incredible effort to protect the few remaining wild orangutans in northern Sumatra. The coffee is intense and heavy and therefore perfect for a special flat white or as a french press. The coffee is available by the bag or as a coffee subscription

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  • Country of origin: Indonesia
  • Region: Gayo Highlands, Aceh
  • Producer: Wih Bersih
  • Altitude: 1300 - 1600
  • Quality: Mandheling Grade 1 Triple Picked
  • Processing method: Washed, Giling Basah (wet hulled)


The Sumatran orangutans are threatened by extinction. Their home, the tropical rainforest in Sumatra, is being cut down by companies for wood and plantation land for the palm oil industry. Our raw beans come from smallholder families that cultivate their coffee plantations sustainably and are committed to protecting the rainforest and its animals. In return, the coffee farmers and the Sumatra orangutan protection programme each receive a premium for every kilogram of green coffee. Click here to learn more on the Orangutan Project website.

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