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  • Oscar coffee farmer on Finca Los Nogales
  • Oscar in front of his house on Finca Los Nogales
  • Sorting red coffee cherries on Finca Los Nogales
  • Oscar showing coffee cherries
  • Oscar and ViCAFE climbing the hills of Finca Los Nogales
  • Oscar and Ramon looking at the coffee quality
  • Simon turning coffee that needs to dry

Finca Los Nogales

Colombia Colombia

Finca Los Nogales is the baby of the young farmer Oscar Hernandez who is a third-generation coffee farmer on the steep mountain slopes of Huila, an important coffee growing region in Southern Colombia. The coffee has an intriguing fruitiness and a fine acidity. The coffee makes a super tasty a flat white. We also use the coffee for our ViCAFE ICED COFFEE. The coffee from Finca Los Nogales is available online by the bag or as a coffee subscription.

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Green apple, currants, honey

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  • Country of origin: Colombia
  • Region: Huila
  • Producer: Finca Los Nogales
  • Altitude: 1750
  • Quality: Excelso
  • Processing method: Fully washed


Finca Los Nogales is situated near the equator in Huila, an area that borders the Amazon rainforest. The farm is tucked away on a steep mountain slope, where Oscar Hernandez has been cultivating top-quality coffee in the third generation. The growing conditions are very favourable, as the climate is temperate, humid, and warm all year round. Oscar’s passion for coffee, his extensive knowledge and his tireless focus on quality are the reasons why we support him year after year. We maintain a personal partnership and friendship with Oscar and have remained in close contact with him since visiting his farm for the first time in August 2016.

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