ViCAFE for the Zurich Campus in Zurich

Zurich employees, working on the new Zurich Campus, enjoy now freshly prepared and locally roasted coffee by ViCAFE.

ViCAFE for the Zurich Campus at Mythenquai

After long and careful preparations, we’re delighted to announce that ViCAFE will be part of the new Zurich Campus. We’re very excited to share our passion for good coffee with you. 

Who is ViCAFE? 

We’re a young Zurich coffee company that was founded 11 years ago in Eglisau. Wee opened our first Espresso Bar in Zurich in 2014 and have been growing steadily since then. The  original roastery in the Eglisau train station soon became too small, and we decided to move to Zurich Altstetten together with  an energy-efficient Loring roasting machine. Learn more about ViCAFE on our website.  


We’re working closely with Eversys and Witzig on the project at the Zurich Campus. Eversys has been manufacturing high-quality, barista-ready and fully automatic machines in Valais for around 10 years. Witzig The Office Company operates the machines and takes care of all technical matters. The three of us are a team and work closely together to offer you the perfect coffee experience.

Our products for you

Ristretto: 20 – 25 ml / A shot of coffee that keeps you going 

Espresso: 25 – 30 ml / The Italian-inspired classic

Kaffee: 100 ml / Black coffee with more water 

Flat White: 150 ml foam and 25-30 ml coffee / Microfoam milk,cow- or oat-based, mixed with a strong espresso. Pure coffee pleasure!


Have you tried the coffee at Quai Café?

At Quai Café, the ViCAFE Hausmischung is extracted on a three-group La Marzocco Linea. We’ve given the  Café’s baristi brief, but intensive training at the ViCAFE Roastery , to ensure that their craftsmanship is up to scratch and so that they can even tell you more about our coffee and the value chain.

Good coffee, well prepared

At Zurich Campus, you’ll enjoy two types of coffee: 

The ViCAFE Hausmischung has been our flagship since 2010, and is the house coffee in our ViCAFE Espresso Bars. The 100% Arabica blend is equally perfect as a nutty, sweet espresso or a flat white with milk. The beans for this coffee come from our partner farms in Guatemala, Brazil, India and Kenya. The beans are roasted separately and are only carefully blended just before packaging.  

Want to enjoy a coffee that lets  you sleep at night? We’re particularly proud of our Single Estate Decaf from the Colombian Finca Los Nogales. We had a coffee lot from Oscar Hernandez, the owner of Los Nogales, gently decaffeinated with CO2 over seven days. We find the result superb, whether enjoyed as an espresso or with milk. Read more about this on our blogWould you like to enjoy the coffee at home? Visit the ViCAFE Online Shop and benefit from10% discount when you use the  voucher”Vi@ZURICHCORPCENTER” (Note: The voucher only works with your Zurich e-mail address).

Zusammen arbeiten wir daran, den gemeinsamen ökologischen Fussabdruck kontinuierlich zu verkleinern. Dies tun wir mit konkreten Projekten. So haben wir mit Oscar im Süden von Kolumbien eine mehrstufige Kompostanlage gebaut und fördern in Mondul den Anbau von Bohnen zwischen den Kaffeebäumen. Und auch in unserer Rösterei in Zürich Altstetten optimieren wir laufend den Röstprozess. Unsere Röstmaschine, eine Loring Kestrel, verbraucht, dank einem ausgeklügelten Brennsystem bedeutend weniger Energie als vergleichbare Maschinen.

Sustainability and Responsibility

All companies involved in this project are committed to sustainability and social responsibility. That this is a (learning) process is beyond question. Therefore, we always welcome your comments and ideas. 

At ViCAFE, there’s one thing that’s particularly important to us: We stay close to the coffee along the entire value chain: We work directly with the coffee farmers, selecting the green coffee and setting the price directly with them. After a trip to Switzerland, the beans are freshly roasted on an energy-efficient Loring Kestrel at our roastery in Zurich Altstetten. Finally, the coffee is extracted by an optimally calibrated, fully automatic machine or a trained barista. This is how we guarantee optimal quality, transparency and honesty – from the coffee farm to the cup.Want to learn more about sustainability at ViCAFE? Visit our sustainability website.


Together with Zurich, Witzig and Eversys, we’ve decided to go one step further: 

All four companies have committed to jointly investíng CHF 100,000 in coffee farm projects over the next three years. We’re currently working full steam to put the processes in place that are needed to handle such an investment in the best possible way. There are lots of cool projects on the farms! We will keep you up to date here. More details can be found on the SharePoint page of Zurich.

Questions & Answers

Nothing could be simpler: Show the barista your personal Zurich Corporate Benefit card the next time you visit any ViCAFE Espresso Bars, and you’ll get 10% discount from us.

You can find all our locations, in Zurich, Basel and Eglisau here.

Use the voucher Vi@ZURICHCORPCENTER” in the ViCAFE online store. The 10% will be deducted from the total amount. Note: The voucher only works with your Zurich e-mail address.

We feel responsible for the quality of your coffee beverage. That’s why we monitor the quality on site, as well as with the telemetry data we receive from the machines. At the same time, we always welcome your direct feedback. lWe’re in contact with Zurich’s catering company (Eldora). You’re welcome to inform them of any problems, and   they will then contact us immediately.  

We’ve been roasting our beans in Zurich Altstetten since 2019. The transport distances are therefore very short and guarantee optimal freshness. 

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