Was Andere sagen


Really good coffee with plenty of milk options. Wish they had a seated area rather than take away only.


Ella Wijnen

Nicest service ever at a coffee bar! Real passion for the job and very nice coffee. Amazing!


Raoul Maag

Excellent flat white, probably the best coffee chain in Switzerland.



Molto buono, molto sympatico ! Only sad that there weren’t any croissants left…


Zach Lowrie

Just doin my normal thing when visiting a new place: type in “coffee roasters.” ViCafe was 500m from where I was so naturally I went there. Talked with the baristas, she offered me some espresso, I bought a bag of beans. Great taste, friendly employees, cool aesthetics. The selection I bought tasted perfect upon my first cup at home.


Thomas Messerli

I was very happy when ViCAFE arrived in Basel. Easily and consistently the best coffee in the area (whether it is at Marktplatz or next to the station). Their flat white is on the milky side (but I am sure they will add less milk if you ask).