Suivie Jabuticaba Still

Suivie Jabuticaba Still

6 x 33 cl

Infused drink made from the Brazilian super fruit Jabuticaba, apples from Valais and a touch of ginger, without carbonation.

Suivie is made completely without sugar or artificial additives. And has other advantages: Rich in antioxidants, 100% natural and is produced 100% in Switzerland.

Between the Amazon basin and the mighty Iguaçu waterfalls in Brazil grows the Jabuticaba tree. Its blossoms transform several times a year into berry-like fruits – the super fruit Jabuticaba, also called tree trunk cherry.

Suivie is 100% natural and low in calories. The superfruit Jabuticaba naturally provides a slight sweetness. No flavor enhancers or preservatives, the only additives are fresh apples from Valais and a touch of ginger. Antioxidants help protect our cells from oxidative stress. Suivie provides the perfect support for muscle function before sports or as an electrolyte supplier for an extra energy kick in everyday life.

CHF 12.00



  • Producer: VIVI KOLA AG


Nutritional values (per 100 ml)

Energy 86 kJ (20 kcal), Fat 0.50 g (of which total fatty acids 0.10 g), Carbohydrates 5.60 g (of which sugar 3.80 g), Protein 0.50 g, Salt 0.02 g, Total polyphenols 110.5 mg


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