4 June 2020

Experience the ViCAFE Roastery

Have you always wanted to find out who and what is behind your coffee? Join us for a peak behind the scenes at ViCAFE.

Visit the ViCAFE Roastery in Zurich Altstetten and discover how the green coffee gets from the coffee farm to the roastery. Find out more about the exotic countries of origin and learn interesting facts about coffee cultivation and the processing of green coffee. Be there right in the middle of the roasting action and be captivated by the aroma of freshly roasted beans. You’ll also have the opportunity to employ your senses and assess the quality of the coffee. Finally, taste different types of coffee and try your hand at being a barista behind the counter.

Courses include

Green coffee (from farm to cup)
Roasting coffee
Sensory skills and quality control
Barista (brewing coffee)
You are also welcome to enquire about other special interests around coffee.

General information

Duration: approx. 2 to 4 hours
Monday to Friday
Suitable for corporate events and groups
Languages: German, English
Location: ViCAFE Roastery, Hohlstrasse 418, 8048 Zurich
Price on request
We currently do not offer barista courses.

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