Absolute Determination to Protect Natural habitats
Regina Frey with baby orang utan

Absolute Determination to Protect Natural habitats

We get our Indonesian coffee from a small group of farmers called Wih Bershi, which is named after a village in the Gayo Highlands in the far north of Sumatra. This coffee is called Orang Utan Coffee and is part of an incredible project. We’d like to tell you more about it here, and introduce you to one of its driving forces, the tenacious Regina Frey. We visited Regina at her home in Berg am Irchel at the beginning of January.

When is your coffee in season?

Consumers become more and more aware of seasonality and start making their food choices based on the crop calendar. In the following piece we have a closer look at the seasonality of coffee.

« Quauhtemalan» – Land of trees

Coffee is produced in almost every corner of Guatemala. Volcanoes, rainforests, high plateaus, and lowlands not only create very diverse climatic conditions but also unique coffee profiles. Unfortunately, the country is facing major economic and climate-related challenges.

This is how your coffee is processed in Colombia

The journey from the coffee tree to the cup is long and labor intensive. We want to bring you closer to the individual steps on the farm. Oscar, the owner of Finca Los Nogales, explains how he processes the coffee - from the coffee tree to the farm gate.

Oscar Hernandez – A Risk-Taker

Oscar Hernandez and his family are the owners of the Finca Los Nogales in Pitalito, Colombia. In this portrait we want to introduce you to Oscar, his story and personality.

Our orangutan coffee

We are proud of our Orangutan Coffee: Not only are we absolutely loving this coffee with its sweetness, citric acidity and full-bodied intensity, but we can also support a good cause.

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