When is your coffee in season?

Consumers become more and more aware of seasonality and start making their food choices based on the crop calendar. In the following piece we have a closer look at the seasonality of coffee.

How do you evaluate an espresso?

Espresso is is a wonderful thing with its intense taste that people either love or hate. But how do you evaluate the quality of this short, black coffee? 

Livia is brewing coffee on her Bialetti

Livia, shop manager at ViCAFE, has taken on the challenge of producing the best possible coffee using her Bialetti (moka pot). Here, you can follow her story and find some useful tips and tricks for this old Italian brewing method.

« Quauhtemalan» – Land of trees

Coffee is produced in almost every corner of Guatemala. Volcanoes, rainforests, high plateaus, and lowlands not only create very diverse climatic conditions but also unique coffee profiles. Unfortunately, the country is facing major economic and climate-related challenges.

This is how your coffee is processed in Colombia

The journey from the coffee tree to the cup is long and labor intensive. We want to bring you closer to the individual steps on the farm. Oscar, the owner of Finca Los Nogales, explains how he processes the coffee - from the coffee tree to the farm gate.

«Sweetness is a must for me.»

Fabian Gass, Head of the ViCAFE Roastery and Q-Grader, brings extensive coffee knowledge to the company. We met at our roastery to find out from him what is important when it comes to roasting.

What is a Q-Grader?

Time and again baristas or dedicated coffee drinkers talk about Q-Grading. What is it all about? We shed some light on a supposedly simple topic.

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